Free Mobile Email

July 17, 2008

Free company email, absolutely anywhere at any time with mobile access. Free backup, free server, free software.


Not only possible but here, now, working and reliable.

A while ago now, Google launched Google Applications which offer businesses of every size a full suite of hosted office applications. These include:

  • Google Docs for word processing, spreadsheets & presentation software to rival Microsoft Office.
  • Google Talk for instant messaging and PC to PC phone calls to rival Messenger and Skype.
  • Google Calendar to arrange meetings, set schedules, and publish event information.
  • Google Sites to share information & collaborate on projects.


  • Google Mail

Google mail is absolutely free and provides 6Gb of email file space for each account and you can have up to 100 free email accounts on each account/domain name.

The storage space pretty much means that you would never have to delete an email and amazingly each mailbox grows the more you use it. There are spam filters built in which in our experience so far are exceptionally reliable, I have had to visit my spam folder a couple of times to retrieve some messages that weren’t spam but haven’t yet received any offers of drugs, watches, jewellery or pornography in my inbox.

Access to email can be from any web browser via the google apps website where each user can log in to their own mailbox from any pc or handheld device connected to the web. There is an awesome mobile apps service for users of smart phones and PDA’s* and you can use almost any email client on a desktop, laptop, PDA or smart phone. Keeping the ethos of “free” we have chosen Mozilla Thunderbird** as our email client rather than going to the expense of Microsoft Office for Outlook or suffering the inadequacies of Outlook Express.

Unlike Blackberry, there is no need for additional software or servers and you don’t need to buy additional devices. Some devices however do make it easier to read and manage your email on the go but we consider these to be a replacement for your current mobile phone (see PDA* note below).

To top it all off, your mail is fully backed up by Google so, as long as you use IMAP rather than POP to read you email if use use something like Outlook or Thunderbird, you will only be viewing your messages and they will all still be held on the Google server and regularly backed up.

We offer a complete set up service including the Google signup and setup including the necessary changes to move your existing email addresses & accounts and device and software configuration.

For a demonstration or to get on the go with your free mobile email now, call us on 0800 970 2630 or CLICK HERE and we’ll contact you.

*PDA - Personal Digital Assistant or Palm Top PC such as the exciting range from HTC including the TyTN II, the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro.

**Mozilla Thunderbird - An email client similar to outlook but possibly more feature rich and more importantly open source and therefore “FREE”.